I have the pleasure of having patients in multiple hospitals. I find myself printing out patient lists over and over but since two of the hospitals are are different systems, one list will not show me all of the patients that I have in the hospital. I have looked at several rounding type apps in the App Store that are much more complicated that I needed. I need an app that will tell me what hospitals have patients and then what patients I have at that hospital. I did include some patient details like the attending MD, whether they are active or not, and a notes section to help me remember things I should. Since my phone is at my bedside, I wanted a simple way to add a patient in the middle of the night when the emergency room calls with a new admission and needed to keep it simple so that I could just put in the name and room and add details later when I am fully awake. This app is designed to be as simple and streamlined as I could make it.

I want to Thank Michael Tyson for providing a nice class to implement scrolling of text fields when the keyboard is active on the screen.

See: TPKeyboardAvoiding on github.

I also want to give credit to Paul Hegarty and Stanford University for providing the CoreDataTableViewController class which makes the use of core data and a FetchedResultsController almost painless.



If you have any questions on it's use or suggestions for future versions, please feel free to get in touch with me at Phillip Porch, MD.