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Brief History

ThePorchDotCom has undergone several changes throught it's history. It was initially formed as I needed internet access for the porting of PGP to Apple's A/UX. The software was based in Finland and I needed assess to the code. My friend, Jack Hill, mentioned to me that he was frustrated with a mailing list ( Boatanchors ) that he was the moderator for as all additions and removals were manual and required weeks sometimes to happen. I downloaded mailing list program called listproc and Jack and I ended up switching the list to my server. The list which was initially low volume with a small number of people on the list rapidly expanded and the number of daily posts soared. In the beginning, I was connected to the internet full time by a 56k modem. It did not take long for the line to be almost completely saturated requiring me to swith to a single channel ISDN line that in fairly short order required me to switch to a dual ISDN connection. I had to buy a router for the ISDN and the modem, and bought a Netblazer. It worked fairly well for the ISDN connection. I ended up adding a Cisco 2524 router with an ISDN module and aside from the learning curve of the Cisco IOS, was very pleased with the flexibility and performance. Over time, the ISDN connection became overloaded and I switched to a DSL connection. This change yet again required an equipment change with a Cisco 800 series router. During this string of upgrading equipment to support a mailing list that I was not even a member of, I realized that this was crazy. Jack and I made the list a paid list to help defray the costs of the equipment as well as the recurring costs of the connection. Many people on the list were upset to be asked to pay for something that they were receiving for free before but I had to stop the hemmorhage of money for the list. Currently, I am using a Cisco 877 wireless router for my DSL connection.

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